Love is in the air

I went to a lovely wedding this weekend. Great ceremony – very touching. I wish you could’ve heard the voice track in my head – “Isn’t that sweet, honey? You see how much they love and respect each other? See how he loves her for her and they are best when they’re together? See, love is patient AND kind! Huh, huh, huh???” I do have a loving husband, don’t get me wrong, but there’s always room for improvement (on both sides). We went to the dinner and dance – again, lovely, fun. The meal was French (I believe) and actually had some words on the printed out menu card that I could not pronounce, nor knew exactly what they meant even after getting the food. The cake was to die for and I knew precisely what was in that!

At the dance I finally had the chance to redeem myself. When “Dancing Queen” came on, I marched out and got through it without injury. This was important to me. It seemed the last couple of weddings I’d attended had unintended drama and I was not about to have the same thing happen again.

To me, the best part of the weddings are the dancing. I mean, they just are. Are you old enough to remember “Dance Fever” when a couple would enter the dance floor, give it their all and be judged by a celebrity panel with comments like, ”I love their enthusiasm and their outfits are divine, but the execution was lacking a bit so I’m going to give them an 8.”? Kind of like “Dancing with the Stars” only set in the 70’s. And instead of Tom Bergeron, you had Deney Terrio. Night and day, my friends. Check Wikipedia for the down-low on that show.

It’s very fun to watch the dancers – and there is a cast of characters to keep your eyes peeled for – Grandpa who got a new hip (how does he move like that? it must be new), Young girl in REALLY HIGH heels (will she fall over or just dance like she owns a pole?), Drunk couple (either they are about to tip over, getting scolded by parents or need to get a room to finish the job), Guy that doesn’t get out much (once he gets going, he’s the energizer bunny of dance and has little regard for his surroundings – LOOK OUT), Bridesmaids (‘nuf said) and the rest of the people that look great and are having a lot of fun. I know it’s probably not the best thing I can be doing with my time, but I love it so alas.

At this wedding they had a spectacular band. They had a lot of hair between them, were dressed in all black (this I can appreciate), and sounded great. They even had a saxophone player. How often does that gig come up? Nice brass touch. During one slow song, the sax player (who looked like he was on a break from a jam session) had a solo and decided to sit next to me to sing it. Ok, a wee bit awkward, but a nice gesture. I didn’t know if I should look at him, the sax, the lady that sat down next to me to listen like she was a groupie, I just couldn’t quite focus. Here’s a tip you don’t hear that often – if you have bad breath and you play a sax, the air coming out of the horn is still bad (actually, it could be worse). It doesn’t get better – you have to trust me on this.

All in all a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends and a refresher on love. Who could ask for more?


Terri said…
Weddings are great. Here's the link to the great band from the wedding we went to last weekend: VO5, and they had trumpets! Nothing better than live music. And, as always, I DID think of you when I heard Dancing Queen! I'm glad you danced right through it this time.

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