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Right Now

Send money to the lemmings so they stop pulling their chutes
There’s a new book on Burroughs we must buy
Dry as dry as can be cured by cracking beeswax
This color feels good when I paint a splotch
Top of the John Hancock for carrot cake to celebrate
I don’t want to be late but early doesn’t sound good either
Perhaps I should be on time
One moment


It’s all because of the letter V
I wonder how we're going to save the world
Taking money out of the Pig
My heart and mind are two children
Venom slows me down
Ravens are lost in Duluth
Cold as an owl irruption
I forgot the age of unforgettable
I save all of your sunsets
She loves to study the Black Death
Mining indigo with Greeks
Bones break like glass

Out of Nowhere

A dusty forgotten book found on how to rescue a relationship
That can’t be rescued and would it have been?
A dead man with a needle in his arm sitting on a toilet
A waste of a perfectly good life, we get one
A terminally ill girl who went to prom with her boyfriend and town
I never went to prom, but I’m alive