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County Fair Heats Up

My family and I decided nothing spells Summer like a visit to the County Fair to see the Demolition Derby. We first made our way to the animal tents. I'm always concerned that someone is going to have an allergy attack given the festival of dust, hay, hair, and who knows what else. But it went well and we saw cows, pigs, rabbits (warning: do not stick your fingers in the cages), chickens, ducks - you get the picture. A couple of "Awwww" moments and it was time to catch a bite to eat. We stopped at the 4H food tent to take part in the Wisconsin tradition of either a brat or grilled cheese. A happy helping of cholesterol was had by all. Next stop, Demolition Derby starting at 1 p.m. It was a beautiful August day, warm sun, especially with the vast amounts of concrete present at the grandstands. I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass. (Note to self - pack water bottles for almost every event.) The kids were melting and this was complicated by the fact that we couldn…