Driving Home

Still and tall gold and green crops
Dry under the sun
The moon up before sunset
Shows their true colors
I wonder when looking
At the full harvest moon
Will take its toll on me



Ray and Bob knew
That time
Couldn’t be counted on
Days only meant hours
Spent that didn’t add up
To anything but years
It's starting
No not Spring
The slipping
Bring your own
Copper cup
I'll fill it up
Spend my money
Empty the vessel
Trip on a stone
See the sights
Wish I was home

Ten Thousand Flowers in Spring

The bee cannot find the hive
No honey to make
Just a stinger in the behind
Blood moon rising
Fool’s lips try to bind
Fail to trouble
The invincible season
The mindful mind

Right Now

Send money to the lemmings so they stop pulling their chutes
There’s a new book on Burroughs we must buy
Dry as dry as can be cured by cracking beeswax
This color feels good when I paint a splotch
Top of the John Hancock for carrot cake to celebrate
I don’t want to be late but early doesn’t sound good either
Perhaps I should be on time
One moment


It’s all because of the letter V
I wonder how we're going to save the world
Taking money out of the Pig
My heart and mind are two children
Venom slows me down
Ravens are lost in Duluth
Cold as an owl irruption
I forgot the age of unforgettable
I save all of your sunsets
She loves to study the Black Death
Mining indigo with Greeks
Bones break like glass