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I think my idea of funny has changed over the past year since my husband passed away. And I like to post things that are slightly amusing (to me if no one else). Am I still funny and witty? A lot of ideas about things have changed over the past year. It seems like I’ve had a re-boot of my life. I’m starting over in many ways. There are pros and cons to that. I always marvel at people who have lists and accomplish so much crossing off things from the lists. Done! Got it! Fixed it! The most I’ve been able to piece together and look at consistently is a list of groceries that we need or a rather short to do list (Post office, Target, Bank). I thought I might try to write some of my accomplishments down for the heck of it. We’re almost to the end of the year (crazy!) so why not?

• Understand more about levers and buttons on tractor

• Know how to hook up and use tractor sprayer attachment

• Know how to fix and winterize sprayer attachment

• Know how to spray the field with herbicide…