Critter Wars

Required knowledge before reading: A basic understanding of Bill Murray's character in "Caddyshack".
We've had our share of critters on the ranch. First it was the ground squirrels (I call them chipmunks) that dig holes in our yard. My husband flushed them out (literally) with water and a shotgun. We got lucky with a couple of skunks in that they didn't spray before their lives ended. Especially since my daughter was at my husband's side when this took place.

The latest Critter War is against the woodchucks. Last weekend we went for a drive by of an Ostrich farm not far from our house. An unfortunate (female) woodchuck ran in front of our car. After we viewed the ostriches, we headed back to view the fallen. Picture the kids cranked out the window exclaiming how big her teeth are and my hubby noticing that it's a female because it has tits (he grew up on a farm). Just think, we could've had woodchuck stew that night!

We have had a couple of sightings close to the house. One morning I was pre-coffee, looked on our porch and saw a woodchuck coming up the stairs. I couldn't say "get the gun" quick enough so he toddled off to his lair. On Sunday we had friends over and while they were at our barn talking to my husband, I saw the woodchuck who has been digging holes in our barn out in the front yard. Again, by the time I got my husband's attention, he was gone. The woodchucks don't "run like the wind". They lumber and pause to check if anyone is following them. Which should allow a hunter to make his kill, but I think it's just been a matter of timing. We don't have holsters or guns at the ready. This calls for strategy! We discussed using a live trap, but then there is the whole issue of what to do once the woodchuck has been caught. Torture? Relocation? Death by .22? Last night my DH informed me he was going to the hardware store today to get smoke bombs. They were cheaper than a live trap and according to the internet worked just as well. So far, smoke bombs-0, woodchucks-2. Stay tuned!


Terri said…
huGood post, close to my heart. We had squirrels living in our chimney,and we used Raid smoke bombs, they infuse a mix of smokey pesticides, and certainly squirrels are among the peskiest of vermin, don't you agree?

Worked like a charm!

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