What Would You Rather?

Some friends came to visit and we played the kid version of "Would You Rather...?".  The adult version is called "Zabmondo", but it's the same premise, just more adult content.  It has a couple of different types of challenges.  An example might involve deciding if you would rather eat gum from the seat in a movie theater OR eat a partially eaten hamburger that was thrown in the garbage.  I'd have to think about that one.  My daughter was gracious enough to accept the dare of wearing black eye-liner glasses painted on her face the entire night.  She looked like a fanatical Harry Potter fan, but she accepted the challenge with glee and even had her picture taken smiling the entire time.  Ah, youth!

I have been collecting some pictures from the countryside lately and I decided to pose to you a Would You Rather Challenge. 

Would you rather - install and use a used free toilet that someone generously put on their lawn for sale? OR Would you rather have these silver "bells" ('tis the season) hanging from your vehicle?
I'm still thinking about which one I would rather :)


Terri said…
Is that a picture of Dave's truck on your post?

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