Needs More Cowbell

I talked to a friend of mine who has cancer and a multitude of other diseases, yet she lives life to the fullest. She took me to a trapeze class. She got a cowbell clang for her efforts, I was lucky to climb the ladder, swing and land on the net.

She told me, "Stand in your truth." If you think about it, it's harder than it may seem (at least for me). Everything about you is your truth. Of course, the journey involves finding out who you are and then accepting yourself. For exactly who you are. And then there's the part about other people accepting your truth! It's too much! Yet I must try.

My friend is losing her job in June and she's going to travel the Australian countryside in a van for awhile.

I've decided to tell myself, "Stand in your truth. It'll be alright. Someday."

More cowbell!!


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