I think my idea of funny has changed over the past year since my husband passed away. And I like to post things that are slightly amusing (to me if no one else). Am I still funny and witty? A lot of ideas about things have changed over the past year. It seems like I’ve had a re-boot of my life. I’m starting over in many ways. There are pros and cons to that. I always marvel at people who have lists and accomplish so much crossing off things from the lists. Done! Got it! Fixed it! The most I’ve been able to piece together and look at consistently is a list of groceries that we need or a rather short to do list (Post office, Target, Bank). I thought I might try to write some of my accomplishments down for the heck of it. We’re almost to the end of the year (crazy!) so why not?

• Understand more about levers and buttons on tractor

• Know how to hook up and use tractor sprayer attachment

• Know how to fix and winterize sprayer attachment

• Know how to spray the field with herbicides at 6 mph and decide that it’s time for a sports bra

• Starting to understand multiple uses for tools other than fixing jewelry

• Proud of my toolbox

• Learned how to use a drill

• Learned how to use a weed whacker and have respect for people that can use it for more than 15 minutes without having their arms shake

• Have better understanding of how to mow fields so I don’t cut grass, just tops of weeds so horses have more to eat and I don’t have to start feeding hay in September vs. November

• Know what Navicular disease is thanks to vet who thought one of my horses might have it but turns out he’s just being old and lazy

• Made great decision to pay someone to cut the lawn

• Know more about electric fencing, how to test it and how to check if it’s working vs. call electrician and feel like dumb blonde

• Realize I have a vapor light out and might have to get on a tall ladder to change

• Realized I’m a fairly good shot with a bow and arrow

• Learned how to use ratchet straps to move furniture in truck and how not to panic when one piece falls out of truck

• Know what a burnt out florescent light bulb smells like and that it just needs to be changed (thank you to electrician for being so kind)

• Know more about decorating and staging a room

• Know more about what’s in the laundry room cupboards but still a bit perplexed on some items – i.e. why do we have soap from Germany?

• Know how to open salt bags and put in softener

• Realize adults own a lot of coats

• A funeral can cost as much as a wedding

• How to pick out headstones and memorial plaques

• Would like to warn everyone to have a porn buddy that takes care of that when you die so your wife doesn’t find it

• Able to balance accounts in Quicken

• Realize I have too much crap – i.e. time to get rid of the mix tapes

• Understand the generosity of people

• Know what crazy looks like

• Understand grace

• Know that God is with me and never leaves my side

• Starting to understand what it’s like to put myself first on occasion

• Making my own decisions, some of them good!

• Know I’m not alone

• Able to ask for help

• Understand that one of the reasons I’m on the planet is to write (yeah to a couple of published poems!)

• I’m much better writing poems than reading them to a group but the after poetry reading party is fun

• Reaffirmed how much I love the ocean

• Know how lucky I am to kiss my kids good night


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